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2016 Where History Meets Haunting Presents Inventions and Imaginations


How to Haunt Your House

The Friends of “R” House have several annual events a year, with Halloween as one of the fastest growing. As such, we have added this page to keep you posted on this continually developing, and very popular event.

The Friends are pleased to announce a new feature section in support of our ever growing Halloween event, Where History Meets Haunting. Join us for a series of continual posts and tutorials on How to Haunt Your House as seen through the eyes of the event coordinators of Where History Meets Haunting. We have taken the concept of haunting our historic home to the next level and have gone where, to the best of our knowledge, no other historic home has dared to go.

The Friends of “ R ” House event chairs routinely “haunt” the Rengstorff House throughout the year, and if you are lucky enough to catch one of them at the House, they just might spill some of their secrets. We have finally convinced them to work with us and craft this special portion of our site and work through tumblr to share some of their magic. They say it’s easy, but we think they just make it look easy. So join us as we add continually to this page and bring you features on How to Haunt Your House courtesy of the event staff of Where History Meets Haunting.

Meet our Head Haunters

The Friends of “R” House are lucky enough to have several minions when it comes to helping Haunt the House at Halloween and it’s a combination of all their talents that make the event the continued success that it is, but it’s our two Head Haunters and a couple of their co-conSPIRITors and their never-ending supply of ideas that we have chosen to feature here. We are going to pick their brains and see just what it takes to haunt a historic home. So, stay with us, here and on tumblr as we craft tutorials on Halloween props and share some of the closely guarded secrets of Where History Meets Haunting.

Both our Head Haunters have a background in making the impossible, possible, and are used to dealing with the unexpected so making the transition into their roles as event chairs for Where History Meets Haunting wasn’t all that difficult, or so they say. They also brought their crafty and mechanical wisdom to the event and believe, not unlike their Victorian counterparts, that if they can dream it, they can build it.  So, if we need it built, crafted, organized, constructed, or projected, these two have set their mind to it and figured it out.

JSkeletonen, has been involved in the event since the Friends of “R” House resurrected their annual Halloween Event in 2010 and became the chair in 2011. With a background in living history she found a way to amalgamate history and Halloween. Jen’s known for her puttering and playing with all things mechanical, whether they work or not and attempting prop builds that often defy the imagination. She says the Steam Man is her favorite but we know the mummy holds a spot in her heart. If you give her an idea, you just may see it turned into a prop.

IMG_00000952Roz joined the Where History Meets Haunting team as a co-conSPIRITor in 2014 and has taken over as co-chair for 2016. She keeps Jen from making the event to esoteric and adds the imagination that it needs to be creative and energetic. She brings years of costume and prop building experience to the team, along with her endless supply of ideas. Roz’s understanding of all things steampunk brings the flare to the event that makes is Inventions and Imaginations.

Not every project could be had without a little help from their inspiration, a medical skeleton 1381892_10201849214607433_2045994360_nnamed Sal. Every Head Haunter has their co-conSPIRITors and Sal is just the man to fit the bill. He’s the official mascot of the co-conSPIRITor’s team. Our two main co-conSPIRITors have given so much of their and so many of their talents to this wonderful event we would be remiss in given them the credit they deserve. It’s always an added plus to have a great team for any event and we just can’t say enough about ours.

IMG_00000898The Rengstorff House Head Haunters have created some one of a kind props for each event and Sal’s no slouch either. Check out the links below and see if we cant inspire you to haunt your house, or at the very least, come check out our. Get your tickets for this years event at Eventbrite.

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