The HISTORY Behind Where History Meets Haunting

The Idea Factory

It doesn’t take much for our team of talented haunters to come up with some haunting ideas. However, keeping those ideas from straying to vary far from their Victorian roots can sometime present then with a few interesting constraints, but there is noting which can’t be overcome. The Friends of “R” House and our team of Haunters pride themselves in bringing you an unparalleled experience in Where History Meets Haunting. This fully interactive event combines actual 19th century practice, whether common or not, with a modern Halloween experience. Collectively, we have taken well over a dozen different Victorian era practices and/or beliefs and made them into something entertaining for the entire family. So if you are curious just what HISTORY lies beneath the event, we suggest you check out the links below. Do note that the articles are updated and expounded upon regularly so check back often as we continually add to The HISTORY Behind Where History Meets Haunting.

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