You are welcome to join us!

The Friends of “R” House meet every third Thursday of January, April, July and October at the Rengstorff House at 7:00 pm.

Our doors are always open to those wishing to get involved, looking for more information, or simply desiring to attend the meeting to find out what our latest projects and activities are. All are welcome, hope to see you at the next meeting!

Friends of “R” House

Before the Rengstorff House was restored in 1990, the Friends of “R” House worked for years to ensure the future of Mountain View’s oldest house. In 1990, when a vote by City Council assured the house’s restoration, the Friends formed a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing a continuing base of support for the Rengstorff House and related programs.

The Friends of “R” House support the Rengstorff House through annual fundraising efforts, house events and the sale of Rengstorff House related merchandise. Some of the events hosted by the Friends include, but are not limited to the annual holiday events, spring teas, living history programs, and historical exhibits. Funds are also raised through the sale of items such as our Christmas ornaments, stationery, and media. You can make your purchases of any of the above while visiting the Rengstorff House or see our product offerings at our CafePress site.

All funds raised through the efforts of the Friends are used for house improvements and furnishings purchases for the Rengstorff House.

Care to join in the fun?

If you are interested in joining Friends of “R” House, please download and print the membership form and tell us a bit about yourself. There are plenty of ways to join in the fun and help support the Rengstorff House. We look forward to hearing from you!