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Event: Victorian Picnic & Croquet

Date: Sunday June 3, 2001

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Chaired by: Miranda von Stockhausen

Picnic details:

Victorian Picnic for Two - $10.00 donation Included
Tea sandwiches of Ham, Cucumber, Chicken Cashew, Pear w/ bleu cheese, & Egg Salad
Sweet cookies, Savory nuts, Fresh chilled Fruit, a refreshing choice of beverages
And a picnic blanket to enjoy it all upon.

Croquet details:

Many guests dressed up (although it's never required). Two couples showed up with their Model T's which drew a considerable crowd from regular Shoreline attendees. The champagne round proved once again to be the favorite of the players. We had so many players that a second green was set up on the front lawn.›We nearly sold out of picnic lunches, and the lunches were so delicious-looking & tasting, that two couples that had brought their own picnics also purchased ours. The mention of doing this more often came up, and croquet teams were discussed. Folks were having such a great time, that we didn't have the heart to tell them it was over. The event went overtime, but did so happily. I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all!

Victorian Croquet Picnic Victorian Croquet Picnic

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