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Support the Rengstorff Water Tank House Project

The Rengstorff House, like other early farmhouses, had an elevated water tank for household and farm use. The Friends of "R" House are raising funds to help with the construction of a Water Tank House to be built on the grounds later this year. You may select which part of the tank house you would like to sponsor. Contributors will be given a certificate of appreciation along with a description and location of the item. Please download and print this order form if you would like to help out.

WE NEED YOU: History Month Planned for October

The Rengstorff House along with the Santa Clara County Heritage Council are planning History Month for this October. The county has been divided in four sections, with groups in each section doing their special activities on a specified weekend. Our weekend to shine is October 10th.

This free event will center around the life of a Victorian child. As well as free house tours, special activities will include:

  • Dress up in Victorian clothing and have a Polaroid photo taken
  • Play games and make crafts of the day
  • Grind coffee and peel apples the old-fashioned way
  • Learn about and try out household chores like laundry
  • Card wool and see spinnng and quilting
  • Learn about Shoreline's bird population - Victorians were very curious scientists!

For further information call: 650-903-6392.

Historical Landmark now marked for all to see!

click on picture for more detail
A sign now marks the original site of the historic Rengstorff House. The sign is located on Shoreline Blvd. If you wish to visit the site, take your best route to Shoreline Blvd, go north, pass Space Park Way. Once you do, there is a building on the corner of Space Park Way and Shoreline. Just beyond the building there is a driveway and the Rengstorff House sign is there. Notice the big pepper tree next to the building, this was in the front yard of the House. The Friends of "R" House donated this sign.
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The Rengstorff House
3070 N. Shoreline Blvd.
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