Why Using a Portable Pressure Washer is Beneficial

Using a high-powered electric or gas pressure washer has its truly effective advantages, but not in terms of cleaning tight spaces. It also becomes challenging if you do not have sufficient storage capacity in your house. But it’s a different story when you’re using a portable pressure washer.

Portable pressure washers aren’t that superior compared to high-performing gas or electric power washers, but they can still yield promising cleaning outcomes. They’re also much more practical in terms of mobile cleaning.

Compact cleaning equipment such as these portable washers has a lot of benefits. They’re customarily made out of lightweight materials. Moreover, these portable washers are affordable – you can even purchase a good-quality washer that’s less than a hundred dollars!

If you’re a fan of pressure washers, you’ll doubtlessly love these highly practical portable pressure washers as most of them are still efficient and powerful enough to provide rigorous cleaning results. Some of them are even more convenient to use as they’re cordless!

In this article, you’re about to read some of the top-pick portable pressure washer models you can obtain in the market. Enjoy reading!

Top 7 Portable Pressure Washers

  • Sun Joe SPX1000

When purchasing a portable pressure washer, what you’re usually going to check first is its versatility. Well, that’s actually the first thing that makes the SPX1000 by Sun Joe preeminent.

It works ideally with medium-duty cleaning tasks. It’s exceedingly effective in terms of cleaning deck, concrete, cabin, patio, windows, driveway, sidings, boat, patios, etc.
Its spray wand is also adjustable and it’s incorporated with an easy-twist nozzle that allows you to effortlessly control the water pressure just by using one hand.

The 5-amp electrical motor that’s integrated with this portable power washer produces a maximum water pressure amount of 1450 PSI. Its paramount flow rate is 1.45 GPM.

Another cool feature that makes this unit an excellent selection is its Total Stop System (TSS) function. It’s a safety feature that allows the device to disable the pump automatically when the trigger isn’t activated. The purpose is to extend the pump lifespan and save energy.

Other details:

Product weight: 5.3 kilograms
Maximum pressure rate: 1450 PSI
Maximum flow rate: <1.45 GPM
Source of energy: Electric

  • Sun Joe SPX200E

This multifunctional portable washer is also designed by Sun Joe and it’s also ideal for perfecting cleaning tasks such as washing concrete, windows, patios, and many more. It’s powered by a high-performing 10-amp motor that can produce up to 1350 PSI of water pressure.

It also has a safety feature called the Total Stop System to help the unit save energy and expand the pump’s longevity. It comes with various accessories such as a 20-feet top-grade hose, garden hose connector (adapter), 35-feet GFCI-protected cord, and an extension wand.

Other details:

Product weight: 4.15 kilograms
Maximum pressure rate: 1350 PSI
Maximum flow rate: 1.45 GPM
Source of energy: Electric

  • Sun Joe SPX6000C-XR iON Cordless Pressure Washer

If you’re searching for a well-equipped portable power washer that you can rely on cleaning hard-to-reach cleaning areas, this cordless pressure washer by Sun Joe is undoubtedly a wonderful selection.

Its 600W motor can generate a maximum water pressure of 1160 PSI. Its topmost flow rate is 0.79 GPM. No wonder it’s a good option for light-duty cleaning tasks. It comes with an innovative detachable 5.3-gallon bucket with an 8.5-ounce detergent container.

This cordless washer is also incorporated with 4 quick-connecting spray heads. It also comes with a 2.8 feet extension wand, 20-feet top-quality hose, garden hose connector, and a needle clean-out gadget. If you wish to clean with ease and convenience, this might be a fantastic option!

Other details:

Product weight: 8.9 kilograms
Maximum pressure rate: 1160 PSI
Maximum flow rate: 0.79 GPM
Source of energy: Battery-powered (Cordless)
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