Top 5 Commercial Pressure Washers for 2022

Pressure washers are handy equipment for everything, from heavy-duty cleaning to paint peeling. But if you buy the incorrect model, it can also slow you down. How will you know that you’re buying the best brand with all the features you need?

Don’t worry, we’ve already done the legwork. We tested some of the best brands in the market today and compiled them in the list below. You will get a detailed evaluation of each pressure washer, considering design, power, pricing, features, and warranty.

This guide can help you make an informed decision. Whatever you’re searching for, there’s the right pressure washer for you.

Commercial Pressure Washer Types

Before naming the best commercial pressure washers this year, you must understand the general types of pressure washers. The contrasting styles are:

  • Direct Drive Pump vs. Belt Drive Pump
  • Gas vs. Electric Powered
  • Hot vs. Cold Water

Let’s discuss their differences first.

Direct Drive Pump vs. Belt Drive Pump

A direct-drive pump is one where the pump is connected to the engine through a hollow shaft. This design means that the pump and the motor operate simultaneously, and it is near the hot engine. For these reasons, the pump gets faster. Over time, this mechanism reduces the life of the bearings and other components.

But because it has a simple design, this model is less costly and smaller than a belt-drive pressure washer. Choose a direct drive pump washer if you will use it as secondary equipment since it tends to overheat quickly. On the good side, it’s cheaper, portable, and efficient.

On the other hand, a belt-drive pump is attached to the engine drive shaft through a belt and pulleys. This design enables the pump to revolve at a third of the speed of a direct drive model. Since the pump is located away from the hot engine, this mechanism allows the pump to operate cooler, extending its lifespan.

But because of the additional friction of the belt and pulleys, it is less efficient. Also, the extra pieces need more maintenance. This type is ideal if you’re going to use the washer for a long time.

Gas vs. Electric

If your pressure washing area is near an electric outlet all the time, choose electric. It takes less maintenance, produces less noise, and is great for indoor cleaning. You can save time and money since you don’t need refueling. The disadvantage is that it’s less capable than the gas-powered model.

Get gas if you are looking for maximum portability. If you’re a mobile professional cleaner, a gas type is more convenient because you can clean outdoors. Gas also provides excellent power at a lower cost.

Hot vs. Cold Water

Hot water cleans more quickly because it induces oil and grime to come off the surface. The soap “pulls” the grease and dirt away from the surface. Hot water plus the pulling power of the detergent give the most complete clean in the shortest time.

However, working with the burner and fuel might be challenging. Also, the hot water production features cost $800 more than the cold-water counterpart.
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