Prolong the Lifespan of Your Pressure Washer with These Simple Tips

pressure washingPressure washers are expensive, but they can be used to clean buildings, patios, driveways, cars, and trucks. You can even use it to power wash your house’s walls to make them look new.

But just like every other machine, you can expect your pressure washer to have some maintenance issues. Unfortunately, they are not cheap to repair. These tips will show you how to maintain your pressure washer and how to prolong the lifespan of your pressure washer and save you from costly repairs. If you own a pressure washer, you must know how to take care of it.

Clean the Pump After Each Use

Keeping water in the pump may cause mineral deposits and rust, which can damage pump seals and cylinders (a $200 fix). It’s a good idea to rinse the pump after each use—a simple and short process.

pressure washer pumpFirst, buy a pump lube/antifreeze product. Attach the garden hose connector to the pump’s inlet and push the trigger until bubbly liquid shoots out the other port. That indicates the pump is adequately lubricated and freeze-protected.

After each operation, flush: Connect the water hose outlet to the lubricant. For roughly two seconds, press the trigger until water and the solution goes out the opposite port.

Store Your Pressure Washer Properly

Pressure washers for home use have tiny engines expected to last for a maximum of 200 hours.  However, following these easy pre-storage procedures may prolong their life.

Empty the crankcase oil and replace it with new oil, even if you use it for only a few hours. Then, turn the engine to cover all internal components with clean oil and new anti-corrosion agents. This will give the optimum storage protection and prepare the machine for the following season.

Always begin running the washer with a new treated gas and clean fuel. Start the engine and let the treated gas reach the carburetor.  Then, drain the tank and run it to dry. Before storing the pump for the winter season, properly flush it out. If you keep the pump with water and store it in a cold place, the engine may break. 

Use Hose Extension

When cleaning a large surface, you definitely want to pick a pressure washer that can go the distance. Most residential pressure washers come with a 25-ft. hose. That means you must lug the machine up the stairs to wash your deck or constantly shut down the engine so you can move the device as you work. These steps can cause damage to the machine.

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